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Announcing the New Wasatch Emergin India Fund. The first Actively Managed India Fund with a Small-Cap Bias.

India is the second largest country in the world and one of the most rapidly developing. Wasatch believes there will be tremendous investment opportunities in India over the next decade. Meanwhile, U.S. investors are missing what we think are the most compelling opportunities in India—smaller companies. Wasatch has been investing in Indian small cap companies for over 10 years and will leverage that experience in the new Wasatch Emerging India Fund (WAINX).

India Is a Compelling Investment Opportunity

  • Rapid Economic Growth: A $4 trillion economy that is expected to grow roughly 8%/yr over the next five years1
  • Undiscovered Small Caps: Abundance of small, vibrant companies-including 304 IPOs over the past five years2
  • High Quality Companies: In our view, India has among the highest quality management teams and the best business infrastructure and regulatory environment within emerging countries

Small Caps Have the Advantage

  • Faster Growth: It is easier for small companies to grow faster than large ones
  • Stronger Link to Economy: Small Indian companies are typically tied directly to the local economy and the growing middle class
  • Less Followed: Small companies are less followed, thus creating greater market inefficiencies

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Wasatch is Uniquely Positioned

  • Substantial India Experience: Wasatch has been researching, visiting and investing in Indian companies for over a decade across various Wasatch funds. Ajay alone has visited roughly 300 Indian companies over that period.
  • Small Cap Experts: Wasatch has focused on small cap investing for over 35 years
  • Proven Research Approach: The Wasatch thorough, collaborative, and disciplined approach is an important advantage in sorting the wheat from the chaff in small cap investing
  • Seasoned Portfolio Managers: Veteran investors, Ajay Krishnan & Roger Edgley will lead the Wasatch team in managing the Fund.

Ajay Krishnan

Ajay Krishnan, CFA

Portfolio Manager
Industry Experience: 17 years

Roger Edgley

Roger Edgley, CFA

Portfolio Manager
Industry Experience: 19 years

Values are Appealing

  • Small caps are the best relative value on a P/E basis
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  • Small caps are expected to grow faster
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  • The Fund's primary benchmark (MSCI India IMI Index) was roughly 11% off its recent high as of 3/31/11, with no fundamental shift in our outlook